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  1. Sunny 7:52 am on 11/5/10

    Very informative site. The data is very useful and up to date. This will certainly assist me and my organization to be more effective in this space.

  2. Lisebo 12:02 pm on 2/14/11

    I wanted to check Bethlehem

  3. Charles Nyachowe 3:59 am on 5/10/11

    May we have some startegies on how to market some MicroCredit for Affordable Housing in Zimbabwe.We are a MicroBank which have decided to help Low In Come people to own houses.What we need are marketing strategies and to participate in Conferences that relate to this industry.

    We are also in need of models of low in come houses that can fit on a 200 and 300 sqm of land.

  4. Trevor Kresfelfer 9:37 pm on 6/7/11

    To Whom It May Concern,

    RE: PHOENIX in Milnerton

    On your website under Suburb Profiles
    The small suburb Phoenix is a low cost housing suburb next Joe Slovo. This area has been on the map a little longer than Joe Slovo. House prices vary between R100K up to R600K. Most houses sold are approx R320K.
    This suburb is not mentioned on your list? Does this area fall out of certain criteria as not to be included or does it to be found under another category?
    Please advise where Phoenix, Milnerton, Cape Town is to be found that we may use this valuable source of information offered through your website.

    Kind Regards,
    Trevor Kresfelder
    Tel 021 551-9879
    Cel 082 737 6256
    Fax 0866 950 952
    Email: trevorkresfelder@msn.com

  5. Japie Hugo 8:51 am on 6/9/11


    Gr8 site. Very useful, very fast. Lives up to expectations raised at launch.

    I explored CT CBD and notice that some sales are recorded which are not residential – distorting summaries. I noticed some 13 msg units (those are sectional title parking bays) and even a 4 msq unit. – must be a sectionalised store room.

    Suggest you filter out sale areas < say 27msq. to eliminate tandem parking bays & store rooms. Check cut off against smallest sectional title (confirm on site) residential sizes in Jhb & other areas.

  6. Sunny 12:13 pm on 7/8/11

    Can i suggest a number of enhancements to this very useful site:

    1. Insert a applet that allows one to view the suburb on a google map

    2. allow one to print or download a pdf of the suburb, particularly the interesting facts, tables.

  7. Gerhard Stenzel 12:24 pm on 9/19/11

    I am looking to buy a property for my domestic in Evaton township . How do I do this via a reputable agent . Can you assist?

  8. Don 6:49 am on 12/2/11

    Can you also add the type of economic activity e.g. retail, light industrial, transport etc. Number of hospitals, clinics, schools, police stations, municipal offices, etc.

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